Wednesdays at Marikina Sports Complex/Center

As I’m working in the graveyard shift (9:30PM-6:30AM), I’ve thought of revamping my training schedule as the previous schedule (training 8am-11am, post-shift) I have was draining too much energy from me and disrupting my holy sleeping moments.

New Sched (a subtle invite, “Come, train with me!”):

  • S- Rest/LSD/Events
  • M- Rest/Gym
  • T- Swim, Triads
  • W- Swim-Run
  • Th- Run
  • F-Swim
  • Sat- Rest/LSD/Events

Luckily, I have few sporty friends who live near and train in Marikina Sports Complex/ Center on a regular basis. I then decided to add ‘Wednesdays @ MSC’ in my weekly routine. MSC is an hour from my home and just 30mins away from my work. It’s as convenient as my usual training place- PhilSports Arena (Ultra) in Pasig.

Marikina bells_zpsbf6kj9fm.jpg

Facade of the Complex (Photo credit)

What’s even amazing is that MSC is the only complex (to my knowledge, at least) which offers Night Swimming (6pm-9pm). Swim-Run training gets easier as the track is just outside the pool premises. Plus, entrance fees are cheaper here than that of Ultra.


  • Pool– (Opens 8am-11:30am, 1:00pm-4:30pm and 6pm-9pm) Php60
  • TrackPhp10, but free if you already paid entrance to the pool


  • Pool (Opens 8am-11:30am, 1:00pm-4:30pm)- Php60
  • TrackPhp35

Aside from the pool and track, MSC also houses other sports amenities- a gym, badminton/ table tennis/ basketball and volleyball courts to name a few.

Below is the list of other facilities available for public renting:



The pool! It’s semi-covered. (Photo credit)


My new-found friend, Engr. Rosalie Nofies (@nopeimnot) aka MSC ambassador/ Mountain Bike Trail princess (and soon to be podiumer, char! pangarap ko lang for her haha), just bought her DSLR and used (use talaga? 😛) me as one of her practice subjects.

Check out her blog for the latest MSC schedule.


Post-5k run.


Better view of the well-lighted track. Standard 400m-sized oval. Fast runners are running @ the left side while joggers @ the right. Zumba sessions are also held just beside the track.


Our fave shot. Getting ready to dip.


Even the pool premises is well-lighted and not too crowded. There are also lockers available for the storage of your valuables. Just ensure to bring your own locks.


Shy. Charot. Pool is cleaner in Ultra (have better water filter system).


Me, doing my laps homework for a chill night- 100m warm-up, 400m continuous, 100m cool down.


Yay for flash!

Thank you, Rosa (and Jai) for always warmly welcoming me in your area. 🙂


Looking forward to seeing you in MSC,



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