Preppin’ for the great “T”


After not dying in my 1st Full-Marathon (February 21, 2016) and my consecutive Aquathlon events (March 6 & March 13, 2016), I am braving another world between “amazing and vomit” called Triathlon.

Triathlon includes swimming, cycling, and running in one event. Below is an overview of the types of multi-sports events & the distances they cover:



As a newbie, I’m honestly all over the place. All I know is that, I just know how to swim, to bike and to run. Apart from reading a lot (and stalking Triathletes), I struggle to craft a strategic training schedule sans sacrificing sleep and proper nutrition. An athlete must know that to complete a triathlon, regardless of distance, one need not just know these 3 sports.

Aspiring triathletes need:

1. A coach: to correct form, share techniques and aid you to be more efficient in managing energy/power/speed, etc.

2. Support group/teammates/training buddies: to share sweaty and “sunog” hours with. Since I started training this April, I’ve experienced how:

  • It’s crazy to ride out longer than ~30km alone. I almost always die riding out as I am not yet accustomed to proper bike signals in open roads (with traffic and stoplights in an uphill. Huhu). I bike to work sometimes @ a steady 20-25kph, but in races, one must have an average of 35-45kph to finish with a decent bike split.
  • My mind’s debating with my heart to stop this whole sh*t after swimming for an hour especially during one-on-one training with Coach bsbsNur. I’ve trained alone most of the time since my teammates have a different schedule. Since I work in graveyard, I train in the morning (immediately after work @ 7AM) while they train in the afternoon/evening.
  • Recently, I vowed to have a long-distance run hiatus as I am working on my speed. I realized how challenging it is to shift from LSD-pace to sprint-pace. My muscles are still crying for help & pleading “Please lose weight, Faye. Please.” But you know, I am so competitive I hate losing. LOL!

3. Budget: As they say, Triathlons are “not for the faint of heart and, apparently, not for the thin of wallet”. But fret not! It is a skill to scout for great deals (and have precious time to find them all) on bike, shoes, gears and nutrition. Few things I’ve noted through my canvassing journey(please bare with my newbie-ness, correct me if I’m wrong):

  • Trustworthy running shoes- Php3,000-7,000.
    • See: Saucony, New Balance, Zoot, Asics, Brooks and Mizuno
  • Quality road bike(or tri bike if you have a budget & would really be faithful to cycling)- Php 30,000-70,000. Consider the specs and group set attached when bought built. See: Road Bike Groupset Heirarchy.
    • See: Merida, Cannondale, Giant, Trinx, Specialized (these are the affordable ones)
    • Add: Repair Kit.
  • Cleat shoes- Php 3,000- 10,000.
    • Shimano, Look, SPD
  • Clipless Pedals- Php 3,000-10,000.
  • Cat-eye Speedometer– Php800-2,000.
  • Helmet- Php 2,000-5,000. 
    • See: Met, Lazer, La Bici, Spyder, Giro, Specialized
  • Tri suit- Php 3,000-8,000.
    • See: Spyder (most affordable), Zoot and 2XU
  • Goggles- Php300-1, 000.
    • See: Arena, Speedo, TYR
  • Swim Cap- Php100-500.
    • See: Arena, Speedo, TYR

SAFE TOTAL: Php45, 200- 113, 500

Tips on getting great deals for all the above. After all, timing is everything! Start researching, start window shopping. The buying comes later.

  • Check the social media accounts of your most trusted brands and check out SALE/Promos
  • Look out for Clearance/ Warehouse SALEs
  • Join online buy & sell groups
  • Ask the veterans

But wait….there’s more. Registration fees, training fees (public pool and track fees, coaching fees, gym, etc), proper nutrition & vitamins/ supplements budget. Did I miss anything else?


Best bike deal for me: MERIDA SCULTURA 500, size: XXS


Running shoes for my short-distance runs: SAUCONY TYPE A6


Helmet: La Bici Road Helmet


Tri suits: 2XU and Zoot


Goggles, Swim Cap and Swimsuit: Arena (Yes hello, pls sponsor me! HAHA)

There’s still so much for me to learn in this field and I’m enjoying juggling my preparation for the great T. So if you are the athletic type (or who aspires to be one) and wants to be preoccupied & productive, this might be a nice sport to try!

Will post another blog for my team’s training journey. ❤

Always in beta,



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