Aquaman Aquathlon 2016

Aquaman Aquathlon is the first leg of’s tri-event series. It covered 800m swim and a 4k run along the hilly Philsports (formerly Ultra) grounds.


Swim-Run route details. This was also discussed by Sir Carlos De Guzman, founder, during the race briefing. (c)’s branding for the series is “the ONLY race designed & organized for newbies and newbies-at-heart” and it has been up and running for 3 years now. There is no cut-off and 80% of the joiners are really first-timers in the multi-sports community.

For this year, there were 300+ participants. The event started with race kit distribution, body markings, transition area and pool opening.

I arrived in the venue exactly 6am and went straight to get my race kit & body marking. I am F41.


Inside the race kit: swim cap, race bib and wrist ID tag. Ooops, sorry. No timing chip. 😦 (c)

I set up my run essentials: Running shoes, sun specs, race belt and top in my transition basket, did active stretches and dipped into the pool for a warm-up. We had less than an hour to keep our bodies warmed up, but it felt too long so we just interacted with other participants.


With Ate Anj and Nikki, fellow TBR alum. (c) TL Peterson


After swim warm-up. We had so much time. HAHA (c) TL Peterson

At exactly 7am, our wave was called. Little did we know that all females for age groups F 15-19 / F20-29 / F40-Above / RELAY will be Wave 1 for swim. That’s a total of 60 swimmers for a mass swim. Still feeling jittery and not confident about our sprint swim skills, we were at the back of the pack. Oooops. Coach Nur was saying this was very nonstrategic as during the whole swim course, we were swimming with a pack rather than leading the pack. This added few minutes in our swim time.


Scared cats at the back of the pack. 1st 100m should be a sprint, too (which we didn’t do. Iskeryd po).


The 1st 400m was a struggle as I couldn’t get out of the group I was trapped swimming with. I swam my way away from them and increased my speed @ 300m. I finished the 800m swim course for ~19mins and immediately dashed off to my transition basket. (c) Sabby Ow



~40seconds swim-to-run transition. I am content with how fast my transition was, but Coach Nur said I should have ditched the top as I was already wearing a trisuit. Ooops, pacute pa more kase. (c) Team aRUNkada


1st loop. I was still so happy maintaining a 5:15-5:30mins/km pace. (c) Coach JN


Already feeling the pain on the last kick. Pictures never lie! #JellyLegs (c) Coach JN


Finished the 4k run @ ~20mins and garnered a total time of 42:43mins. This is one downside for an event without a timing chip- timing isn’t as accurate. We had to rely on our watches. Btw, the event had a history of timing protests because of this.


KAPOY! Sunog bru!


1st and 2nd placers in our AG were awarded 1st and 2nd overall. So, that’s an “umph” for my place. Lol. My swim time, including some others, weren’t noted. Hmm.

This is my 3rd aquathlon for the year and I am very happy with my improving PRs in both swim and run. Still recommending this event for those who want to get a feel of a swim-run event despite its timing downside. team is very accommodating and non-intimidating. Carlos really went his way out to connect to each and every participant. 🙂

Some snaps:


Team SwimNur


The Coach!


TBR represent. I shall never be alone in this multisports community. There will always be TBR alumni anywhere. ❤


Nikki and I with Bea Grabador, 1st overall for Female category. She also topped our 1st and 2nd aquathlon events- Ateneo Aquathlon and Atleta Ako! Her humility makes her even more beautiful. Good luck with your future feats, Bea.


With Nikki and Eula, #HopiaMoments.


Support group moments. Si Gerald Anderson talaga chinecheer namin hihi


The Aquaman medal. (c) Arnie


TBR batchmates

Gotta swim,




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