DBB Uphill Challenge: Mt. Sembrano Mountain Run 2016

After a week of bed rest & sports-hiatus due to a nasty weekend accident, Wohooo! Finished my 1st official trail run! ❤

  • Ranked 7th of 74 female finishers
    • Time: 3:08:42
  • Overall rank: Unsure as the 15km overall rankings were mixed up

I registered a month prior to the event date. I was really  excited about this as I have long been eyeing to officially finish a trail run (or in this case, fast hike. LOL).


I’ve never been to Mt. Sembrano (625-745 MASL). Seeing it in photos, I might have underestimated its steep rocky trails. It stars the views of Laguna De Bay, Talim Isand and Pililia Windmills.

Initially, the title “Uphill Challenge” wasn’t in the event poster. I wasn’t really pushing through due to what happened a week before this race. And with a week’s worth of full bed rest, pain relievers, healing scars and with only 5km road training, I knew it was impossible to do this.

I am thanking the heavens for granting me my strength back a day before the race. KENYUBELIBEET! Chugged in my meds, 1 bottle of booster C, charged my inner bullishness and off I go to Mt. Sembrano. 🙂


15KM elevation

It was a road to mountain to road run. Starting with a ~5km unli-ascent. We were all just fast hiking. For chances of real running, we fly. I really felt flying! I can’t feel any pain, might have been Alaxan kickin’ in, and my legs were already welcoming gushing bloody sweat.


Cameo with Sir Renson, runner with only 1 amazingly strong leg. Thank you for the uphill pacing. You are an inspiration! 🙂


Almost summit (c) Running Photographers

There was an aid station before reaching the summit. I was begging for water here as I only have a bottle of Pocari Sweat. To my dismay, I just grabbed chips and a bottle of fit ‘n right. Fortunately, a marshal in the station had water and generously shared it with me. Aww thank you! Sorry I didn’t get your name.



Downhill love! (c) Running Photographers

I was running with a pack of men at around ~8km when someone yelled “Pang 30km to!”. Rattling, we went back and lost a couple of minutes. Good thing some other 15km runners insisted that we keep on going as it was the correct route. There’s no other yellow ribbon mark elsewhere. Trusting my gut and to make up for the lost minutes, I rushed and zoomed out from the pack.

I was struggling in the downhill part. It was my 1st time to use my Sandugo Ourea Trail Running Shoes (#SupportLocal kasi sana ang peg ni Ati). My toes were already screaming pain and with only a few KMs down left, I just walked. I know it’s bad to “try anything new on race day”, but I don’t have a choice and this was my only trail shoes. Usually when I go hiking, I only wear sandals. Lesson learned.


Sandugo Ourea Trail Running Shoes Php 2, 450 at BaseKamp (With fail toe box, but has nice traction. Advisable for hikes, not for trail runs) #Sandugo #SandugoFail

From a fail shoes, my hydration vest was a delight! I bought Amihan Fast Trak Hydration Vest Php1200 at BaseKamp. Having read positive reviews about it, I was confident the vest would aid me up 15kms or even more trail mileage in the future. In my vest I had 2 bottles of Pocari Sweat, 2 Cloud 9 Salted Caramel bars, Few Band-Aids and my cellphone.


Finished the race with endorphin-high. Thank you MGM Mountain Run and Sir DBB for a well-organized event. Your crew is warmly welcoming. The environment didn’t feel foreign to me. Even before this race, you guys already assured an amazing experience. Kudos!

YAYs (sobrang biased ko LOL)

  • I liked the uphill better than the downhill. More rests. Toes aren’t dying.
  • Amihan Hydration Vest
  • Aid Stations fully packed with goodies
  • Super friendly trail running community
  • Yummy post-race lunch. I like chicken adobo!
  • Majestic views, fresh air, happier running people (as compared to my usual runs)
  • Bearable heat
  • Well-marked trails
  • Ticked off another summit to my mountain list
  • SPONSORS! Wohoo!


  • No enough water in Aid Stations. My fault for not bringing enough for myself.
  • Dogs, Horses, Goats along the trails. I’m scared baka habulin ako. Ang kupad ko.
  • Knee and ankle pains
  • Not enough training for myself

Powered by Booster C, Cloud 9, Vamos socks, Sandugo shoes and Amihan hydration vest. HAHAHAHA

Looking forward to more trail runs,



My 1st trail run medal ❤


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