Regent 5150 Sprint- My 1st Triathlon

Since I started engaging in multi-sports events (March 2016), I developed a habit of “stalking” co-athletes based from the released race start list. Not until this race- It was all me. My own pace. My own kind of focus. My own game. (taray!!!! gume-game!)

The organizers sent a message 10-days prior to the event that I was confirmed for registration and that in my Age Group (20-24 years old), there were 7 of us.

I wasn’t in full condition yet as the accident & sickness that caught me for the past 2 weeks have hindered me to devote time for “peak” training. When my teammates were already in “peak”, I was just lying in my bed, trying to cover lost mileage on swim, bike and run through online swiping. HUHU. I was all nuts! The sports-hiatus was crazy! I even left all my team group chats just to shake off envy of their trainings. Haha! I told myself that if this isn’t for me, then so be it.

Lo and behold, Papa G really loves me (and ‘coz my bullishness strike again), off we go to Subic! Whooooo!


Sunrise Events only hosts 5150 distance (1.5km open water swim, 40km bike ride and 10k run race) for several years now. This year, the inaugural Sunrise Sprint or S2 was also staged. It is a 750m open water swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run race.

Sprint distance triathlon is fit for beginners wanting to immerse themselves into the triathlon, for enthusiasts who wants to race without having to worry about long periods of training, or for the tri warrior who has been off the circuit and is raring to make a comeback.” 

The event was held in the Triathlon capital of Northern Luzon- the beautiful Subic Bay.


Prepared all my stuff while @ work! This is where I loved it most! The helmet here was used by my teammate, Dennis.


Eng Bee Tin! Di ka mabibitin!

This was how the van looked liked with 5 road bikes, luggage and thingamajigs. Didn’t know how Sir Junix, from Praetorian Tri team and also a Dragonboat Paddler, figured out the fitting of everything. Amazeballs.

Didn’t go with them in this van- just my bikey, as I still have work ’til 7am. (Sadnu.) They left quarter to 6AM while I left around 7:30AM. Thanks to a friend who thoughtfully offered to send me to Subic.

They arrived in Traveler’s Hotel, Subic around 9AM and to their surprise, I arrived 15minutes after them despite several accidents along NLEX. Magic!

We registered, had our body stickers on, photo taken and roamed around the lobby full of multi-sports goodies.


Super kilig! Dati pentel pen lang body marking sakin. Ngayon, sticker na talaga. Parang yung libre sa Bazzoka Bubblegum nung bata pa ko. Asteeeeg!!! I was racer #1590 for this triathlon. I was trail runner #1509 in my 1st trail run. Whew. La lungs.


Team Trinur (Coach Nur, Mommy Jas, Me and Bornek Dennis) (c) Regent 5150 website

We went for lunch at Meat Plus & to the swim course to have a short swim-recon to acclimatize our bodies to the water.


Beautiful ACEA Subic Bay

The swim course! I love OWS! Feels lighter, faster and swimming is easier even if you don’t do the full swim-kicking. Imagine gliding through corals and fishes underwater while sighting mountains and blue skies above as you cover more swim distance.

After 2hrs of swim-recon, we went straight to bike check-in and to the house sponsored for our Coach in Subic. Thanks, #Maptan! You are so generous.

Coming from work, I was really exhausted this day. I went straight to bath and snoozed off. We didn’t come to the race briefing and carbo-loading night in the hotel as we were all tired & it was already late. My teammates though, had their mini carbo-loading dinner in the dining area but didn’t bother waking me up as I was really on deep sleep. Baka daw mag-beast mode ako pag ginising nila ko. HAHAHA. True enough.


We woke up around 4am even if our gun start is still around 8am. We have to fetch our other tri friends who will race standard distance and whose gun start is 6am.

I only ate 2 boiled eggs, chugged in Pocari Sweat and water for breakfast. In ACEA Subic Bay, we went to the Bike Transition area to fix our T1 stuff: Helmet, Cleats Shoes, Hydration and pumped in some PSI to our wheels.

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The swim started with a mass start. This was my 2nd open water swim and 1st mass start in open water experience.


Mass start. (c) RunCab

I was out of the water after 750m swim (around 18mins in my watch). For the 1st 325m, I only glided using only arm power, accelerated in the 100m turn and swam with full arm-kick power 325m back to the shore.


Swim course for sprint

Went straight to transition, running 500m of gradual uphill to the bike racks. Put on helmet first, cleats shoes and took my bikey off the bike village. Adding the T1 time, I spent 19mins from swim to bike proper.

The bike course was so beautiful, I wished I could’ve mounted my gopro on my bike! Maybe next time. I was only averaging 30kph all along for fear to get a flat tire as the terrain wasn’t so tire friendly. There was debris everywhere especially in the Subic Airport road. There were few triathletes on the pavement as their tires went flat. For instances like this, either they fix the flat or run/walk their bikes for the whole bike duration. Aaaak! Lucky me!



YAY! Bike photo! Pacute lang, as always. Last 3km sprint to the T2 village. (c) The Unofficial Photographer

Sobrang kupad, 40mins off the 20km bike. HAHA! At T2, I was so nervous as almost all bikes in my Age Group were already on the racks. I immediately racked my bike, put on my running shoes, cap and shades and ran.


T2 area

Rattling, I took the wrong route and have to run around the bike village to the run course proper. Gaaah! Wasted time! I sprinted despite my jelly legs and poof! I got another boo-boo! But all iz well.


Nadapa ulet. Happens all the time! I think I need more milk for bone strength, ganon haha! My right toe, dead from the last trail run. Dead-er from this race.

Running under the scorching heat of Subic, I had no other choice but to give my all in the run. I said to myself, after all, I am a runner before I am even a swimmer or a biker. I must win over my thoughts. Finished the 5k run for 30mins. Kapoy! My quads are struggling already so I have to rely on butt kicks. It worked hahah!


Last 1km to the Remy Field. Sobrang daming pogi sa run route di ko mapigilang tumigil konti. #excuses

I finished my 1st triathlon @ 1hour 36mins. That’s 4mins deficit from the 1st placer in our Age Group. Luckily, I placed 2nd. Whew!

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I was still on endorphin-high. I was telling my coach that “whatever happens later in the awarding- podium or not, I am happy I get to finish despite lack of push and the sickness that happened prior this event.” Thank you, #BoosterC!

Coach Nur and Dennis were already in the village together with my teammates who supported when I finished.


With our support group- Coach Rhea, Nikki, Bern (our official photographer) and Sabrina.


Thank you for the flowers, Sabrina. 🙂


I can’t stop smiling. My 1st ever podium in my sports career (wow, may career!) is my 1st shot at triathlon! After several heart breaks in Aquathlons, I am glad that there’s now a little concrete representation of my hunger to learn more in this field. Thank you, Papa G!


Mowdel lang pag may time. While waiting for the awarding.

Thank you po, Coach Nur for devoting most of your time to train us in swim, bike & run even if you don’t really have to (and for doing in for free). I cannot thank you enough, Coach. This is for how great you are as a friend, brother and a father. You are an angel.


Coach Nur in the middle

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Coach Nur placed 1st in his age category and 4th overall. To my teammates, who are also 1st timers-Dennis placed 8th in his AG, while Mommy Jas placed 2nd. Yii! Congrats to us!



1st triathlon stat. Could’ve given more, but the 1st is always memorable. Glad I have enjoyed it more than got stressed by it. I cannot wait to improve. #YouWillNeverForgetYourFirst #TriNur


Ironman in the making,





2 thoughts on “Regent 5150 Sprint- My 1st Triathlon

  1. pedxingph says:

    Wow, you are now an inspiration. And please accept this very simple yet proud-ish question..”How to be you po?”.

    Yes to ironman in the making! pretty soon.


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