Regent 5150 Sprint- My 1st Triathlon

Since I started engaging in multi-sports events (March 2016), I developed a habit of “stalking” co-athletes based from the released race start list. Not until this race- It was all me. My own pace. My own kind of focus. My own game. (taray!!!! gume-game!)

The organizers sent a message 10-days prior to the event that I was confirmed for registration and that in my Age Group (20-24 years old), there were 7 of us.

I wasn’t in full condition yet as the accident & sickness that caught me for the past 2 weeks have hindered me to devote time for “peak” training. When my teammates were already in “peak”, I was just lying in my bed, trying to cover lost mileage on swim, bike and run through online swiping. HUHU. I was all nuts! The sports-hiatus was crazy! I even left all my team group chats just to shake off envy of their trainings. Haha! I told myself that if this isn’t for me, then so be it.

Lo and behold, Papa G really loves me (and ‘coz my bullishness strike again), off we go to Subic! Whooooo!


Sunrise Events only hosts 5150 distance (1.5km open water swim, 40km bike ride and 10k run race) for several years now. This year, the inaugural Sunrise Sprint or S2 was also staged. It is a 750m open water swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run race.

Sprint distance triathlon is fit for beginners wanting to immerse themselves into the triathlon, for enthusiasts who wants to race without having to worry about long periods of training, or for the tri warrior who has been off the circuit and is raring to make a comeback.” 

The event was held in the Triathlon capital of Northern Luzon- the beautiful Subic Bay.

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On Personal Excellence


Excellence – noun. the state of excelling; superiority; eminence:

Wasn’t scared with that word ’til now.

I have this habit of declaring things I want to do including pre-mature plans and ideas just to get the feel of assurance (on whether or not do I really want this?). More often than not, after sharing plans to my friends, I get icky and indecisive. For me, this whole declare-it-then-get-the-feel thing is one of my avenues to ensure I am making a wise step.

Lately I’ve been lagging on my career as I’ve focused too much of my energy for sports-related feats. Tbh, as a Type A, I am alarmed and frustrated. What happened in the past 2 years after graduation? 


teh, anyare?

I initially thought I’ll be going to Law School immediately after college. After all, high school and college training went around debate, public speaking and organizing think-tank events and advocacies. Failed my dream school’s Law Entrance exam and said to myself, “Oops, better luck next time. This may be a sign that this isn’t for me yet.”

From there I thought, I should try working on corporate set-up first & save up for Law School fund. Worked for a multinational investment bank, but didn’t really like the whole routinary world. Was unemployed for 3 months, then scored another routinary job just when 2016 came in. How ironic! In this new job for 4 months already and enjoying menial work (with higher pay), but work fulfillment is blah! I don’t fuss on it too much as I am preoccupied with my other priorities (See: Sports).

Thinking about it, if I stay in my status quo (comfy work, more time for extra-curricular activities that demands me to spend more than to save up money), I would never achieve my concrete goals i.e. a house, a car, my own business (and well, more). Even if I have passive investments, they still don’t make the cut to make these material goals feasible even if I faithfully follow my 10-year financial plan. I understand that I shouldn’t delve so much on material goals and base my vision on values- fulfillment, happiness, and stability to name a few. But to be realistic, I needed to be this practical to help provide quality life to my family- that I should be more of a foundation-builder than a burden to my mom, who btw, is a strong single momma of 3.

I realized over the past months that, in order for me to be truly independent and successful in making rational decisions, I should stop asking people for permission. Declaring my pre-mature plans ’til I really have concrete actions is counter intuitive to the a step to personal excellence: Conceal until assured. Also felt that I didn’t really want people’s advise, but only seek for their attention. That kind of immaturity should stop in order for me to climb up a higher career echelon.

A study by a finance-related international firm, PWC, entitled ‘Managing tomorrow’s people – the future of work 2020’ stated that millennials tend to shoo away from the idea of rigid corporate structures and are turned off by information silos. Most of us in this gen expect immediate career progression (i.e. recognitions/awards, promotion, pay raise), yet aren’t willing to bear the demands to achieve that- long hours of over time, pressure from bosses, harsh side comments from co-workers, un-sugarcoated performance feedbacks, etc. We tend to be over entitled and want a job that meets our needs. Worse, if we experience little set back, it’s so easy for us to raise the white flag and move on quickly if our expectations aren’t met. We may be ambitious and fast learners, but our ability to endure failure and disappointment needs further polishing. Such requires a strategic response from all kinds of employers.

I can’t deny. I am one perfect example of that millennial. I want flexible hours. I want things to go my own way, even to the point of skipping the process. I long for a work with significance, something on top of millennial’s Strength Finders results.

Such stubborn and radical attitude I have is the reason I lag, the reason that hinders me from striving for personal excellence. I kept on reading self-help books but never seem to apply them effectively. It’s utterly frustrating to fail to notice step #1 as I already eye for step #2.

I may excel in other fields I practice, but it’s sad to see how I’m also failing badly on the other. To be truly excellent, one must have balance. A lifestyle that’s selectively excellent is not excellent at all. After all, we are called to be whole as an individual so we can also deliver our purpose genuinely.

Some notes I should ask and practice for the months to come:
1. Know the WHYs of what I am doing.
2. Determine my purpose.
3. Maximize resources. Create opportunities. Use SMART.
4. No excuses.
5. Walk the talk. Strategize.
6. Ask for feedback.

What will happen in the next months? Vague. I trust that there’s something really special out there, just waiting for me to grab it. Sacrifices will be made and everything will be worth it.

Zeroing in on myself and finding the fire back,

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