Regent 5150 Sprint- My 1st Triathlon

Since I started engaging in multi-sports events (March 2016), I developed a habit of “stalking” co-athletes based from the released race start list. Not until this race- It was all me. My own pace. My own kind of focus. My own game. (taray!!!! gume-game!)

The organizers sent a message 10-days prior to the event that I was confirmed for registration and that in my Age Group (20-24 years old), there were 7 of us.

I wasn’t in full condition yet as the accident & sickness that caught me for the past 2 weeks have hindered me to devote time for “peak” training. When my teammates were already in “peak”, I was just lying in my bed, trying to cover lost mileage on swim, bike and run through online swiping. HUHU. I was all nuts! The sports-hiatus was crazy! I even left all my team group chats just to shake off envy of their trainings. Haha! I told myself that if this isn’t for me, then so be it.

Lo and behold, Papa G really loves me (and ‘coz my bullishness strike again), off we go to Subic! Whooooo!


Sunrise Events only hosts 5150 distance (1.5km open water swim, 40km bike ride and 10k run race) for several years now. This year, the inaugural Sunrise Sprint or S2 was also staged. It is a 750m open water swim, 20km bike ride, 5km run race.

Sprint distance triathlon is fit for beginners wanting to immerse themselves into the triathlon, for enthusiasts who wants to race without having to worry about long periods of training, or for the tri warrior who has been off the circuit and is raring to make a comeback.” 

The event was held in the Triathlon capital of Northern Luzon- the beautiful Subic Bay.

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Conquering Jitters

I come to all kinds of events jittery, whether it be (high school and college) debate tournaments in the past or my recent addiction- multi-sport events, but always going home inspired, energized and ready for the next challenge.

Everything I do felt as if it’s the first time. This prolly is due to my lack of self-confidence and my constant need for reassurance, which I am combating though series of self-talks (fudge- complemented by overthinking!), pep talks from my coach, over-training, oversleeping and… panic eating! Ooops.

JITTER  ~ noun jit·ter \ˈji-tər\ – a sense of panic or extreme nervousness <had a bad case of the jitters before his performance>

synonyms: anxiety, fidgets, tense, heebie-jeebies, pagpapapampam, pagiinarte



Coach Nur assisting me on my bike fixes coupled with pep talks here & there + unli pambubully (c) Nikki


Flops on the race day whenever I get jitters on my head. Atleta Ako! Aquathlon 2016- panic over race bib loss- caught on official cam! Aaak! (c) Bike King

Taking my game into the next level, I know I shouldn’t let this whole tense-thing eat me alive. After all, I’m technically not “new” anymore having done 2 Aquathlon events. We all get nervous, but the skill of translating anxiousness to motivation and positive energy is also part of our training. What experts say is true- apart from physical training, mental fortitude (See: Mental Toughness) should also be sharpened.

More often than not, it is not the strong/smart/most-equipped (resources/gears-wise) who tops high-pressured games, but those with grit– the ones who can endure pain & block negativity on the spot, who sees long-term goals over just winning a particular event- that made all the difference.


For athletes, how do we say one is mentally tough? Few notes based on my experience & seeing my idols’ attitude (hehe):

  1. They show up on training. More than showing up, they ensure quality set deliveries.
    • Ever seen a teammate who shows up the earliest on training day, but also is the same person who will leave the pool or the run/bike course last?
    • Ever encountered that teammate who is not quite content with several drills & time trials and still asks for more even if all other teammates are already in the shower or preparing to leave?
    • Ever had that teammate who never loses motivation even when training alone?
  2. Even if they don’t show up, they never missed assignments.
  3. They lift teammates up.
    • They share tips and power strategies they’ve read/seen/heard.
    • They let teammates borrow equipment & share food/drinks (THANKS, #TeamGuttom! :*)
    • Pep talks & sched sharing is never ending! Waking up with 100+ messages in your team’s chat box isn’t crazy & foreign anymore.
  4. They make it a habit to get to know people in their circle (and invite them over training with them too).
  5. They accept defeat & say “there will always be a next time”. 
    • Huhuhu, iyak mga 10 seconds then move on. Hanap next jowa. Charot. Hanap next event to beat PR or….finally place in a podium! #Hopia
  6. They never forget to say “Thank you” every after training sessions/races to the coach/es, teammates, family and friends who supported.
    • Even if that’s a long FB/IG post, pagbigyan! #ProudMomentHere #AngGalingKoPoShet #LookMomIdidntDie

(c) google images


Tips on getting over pre-race/pre-everything jitters:

  1. Visualize the race day.
    • No matter how much training & preparation you’ve dedicated prior to this, it will never follow through if you cannot/ did not imagine what will happen on the big day.
    • Hope for the best conditions, but always prepare for the worse. We cannot control the nature (the weather, the currents for open water swimming, accidents we might encounter on the bike and run course, athlete’s trots, injuries, etc). We cannot control competition.  We can only control ourselves, especially the inner workings of our minds! Say it with me, “No matter what happens during the race, I will give it everything I’ve got!” #LordThisisForYourGreaterGlory #ForMyFans, ganern.
  2. Relax. Find an outlet to release tension.
    • For me, one is through writing. The other, eating. Mehehe.
  3. Trust in your training.
    • Kudos for working your ass off! As they say, talents don’t work alone. It should be complemented with hard work (and of course, humility.)
    • Your body is so conditioned for this! Unless OA ka mag-carbo load. Running a marathon/ultra, teh? Full Ironman na, teh? Should only carbo-load if the intense activity will happen 2hrs above. (See:Carbo-loading tips)
    • Your time trials during practice is not your final time. Always remember-adrenaline, presence of supporters and event photographers will surely deduct several minutes off your time!
  4. Keep in mind: The end goal is to ENJOY!
    • Even if enjoyment means, “Take your Garmin off!” hihihihi yehesss! I’m finally free from the beeps and seconds-to-beat!

We shall best not only our PRs but our whole racing experience. If before, our only goal was to finish, now an added goal is “for our idols to become our friends!” So, socialize too after the event! I appreciate the multi-sport community as they are more intimate and there’s a less-competitive vibe among peers.

Wag na tayo kabahan, ha? We shall Carpe-the-diem in this feat and make ourselves proud!


Biggest Aquathlon contingent so far for Team SwimNur (aka TG fishes): Dennis, Nikki, Ivan, Bern, Jas, Arnie and Me (also including our friends training with us under Coach Nur- Ariel, Kei, Eula and Victor). Also, get well soon, Janno! Si Dennis na lang daw mananalo for you. >_<


See you in SBR Aquaman 2016 on Sunday @ Ultra (Philsports Arena).



Sore today but strong tomorrow,





Back-to-back Aquathlons: Lessons As A Neophyte

Photo from my Coach

As a neophyte in the growing PH multi-sports community, I’ve always been curious about doing Triathlons. Who in the world will do a swim-bike-run in a distance and time-pressured feat? The crazy ones. And as Rob Siltanen says, these crazy people move the world. This culture of madness- besting one’s self through endurance sports, is one of the driving forces pushing the human race forward. Oooh gaad, I want to be crazy.

Me as an elem student

Apparently, I’ve never been sporty. I’m that fat little nerdy kid always at the bleachers (studying or eating), watching all my fit classmates play against each other in school intramural sports and PE classes. I’ve tried (see: hard) Table Tennis and Volleyball in elementary & was training with my Univeristy’s Taekwondo Varsity team in high school. I gave TKD up- it’s not really for me. Was just there for the cute guys. So I kept the nerdy side and stick with my Debate Varsity.

What better way to jump start this whole sporty thing? Run. Will have a separate post for this, but couldn’t post yet because  you know the feeling when you get so overwhelmed and passionate about something? Seems all your words disappear. All that you can comprehend couldn’t even give justice to the feels. Artenu.

As I am already a casual biker around Manila, the last sport to really invest into is swimming. I have zero swimming skills during the start of 2016, but I have such strong will to learn so I can make it to the Aquathlon season (March-May). With Coach Nur’s swimming lessons at Philsports Complex (Ultra), I was able to be a “zero” swimmer to a “fairly ready for the next level” in  a month.

An Aquathlon (Aquathon) is a continuous swim-run feat. Starting my Aquathlon career (charot) by doing a back-to-back Aquathlons: Ateneo Aquathlon and Atleta Ako Aquathlon!

race stat

My 1st ever Aquathlon experience was last March 6, 2016Ateneo Aquathlon 2016. I joined the Classic Category, a 600m swim followed by a 5k run.

I finished at 6th place of 13 strong athletes in my Female AG with 50:08 on my watch. (See full results here.)

I am beyond happy with the results. All I was hoping then was to finish strong and injury-free (and well, not die with my fresh swimming skills). We were clueless how this Aquathlon thing happens, so we put all trust to ourselves, our training and to Papa G.


Finally, Aquathletes!

Thank you to my teammates (aka my current favorite love birds), Dennis and Nikki for the joint trainings and patiently listening to my kadaldalan. HAHA. You are #relationshipgoals. Yii.

Iconic medal










Still on high from my recent aquathlon event, we joined the Atleta Ako: All Women’s Aquathlon 2016 today at our homecourt, Ultra.

2016-03-13 11.14.41 1.jpg

I finished strong at 4th place with 5 seconds deficit against the 3rd placer- which I really would put stress on as this brought me to tears. It was today when I realized that so much can happen in 5 seconds- a new baby birthed, a basketball championship, a heartbreak, a house burnt on fire, death from an accident, an apocalypse and my break down- and seconds, in sports, is a big deal especially for this little competitive heart I have in me. (See full results here.)

2016-03-13 11.14.40 1.jpg
My mom pep-talking and comforting me when I’ve figured out the results. Thank you mama for flying home to PH to watch me race. 🙂

Have learned so much from my 1st and 2nd Aquathlon events. For aspiring aquathletes like me, here are some of the few realizations I’ve learned and I hope we all learn from few of my #NewbieMistakes:

  1. 12833216_964523746956954_1101850966_n.jpg

    “FORM!!!” My coach shouting from the background. (c) The ever supportive girls from TBR fam-Des and Anj

    Train for the swim. Train for the run. But most of all, train for the TRANSITION. So what really happened with me in that 5-secs-podium-deficit in Atleta Ako? I dropped my race belt (the one with the number bib) and went back for it! Who in the world will go back and lose a couple of 20-30 seconds for a race belt, which I learned later, isn’t required to be worn anyway.

    • Never ever go back for anything already left behind. Both in transition-sensitive events as this and in life in general. Neng, tagalugin ko ha? Pag naiwan na, wag na habulin ha? Wag shunga. But #NOEXCUSES. It’s just not for me yet.
    • Note: If you already know you’ve wasted a couple of precious time being shunga somewhere in the mid of the race, compensate on the last part- RUN! I became lax in this part, apparently. Should’ve hustled hard until my legs become so jelly! Lessons, lessons.
  2. No socks is better! Faster transition, stronger foot grip!
  3. Ensure to have the right shoe. For me, since I just came from a marathon (and no budget to buy a new one yet), I still use my Asics Kayano 19 (a stability shoes I got on sale for only Php3,000 last year)- which isn’t really advisable for sprint runs like a 5k. Planning to invest in a sprint shoe. (See: Zoot and Saucony shoes)
  4. Rule of thumb: The lighter you are, the faster you will be. I cut down on carbs and loaded up on proteins. I lost approximately 5kgs from the marathon weight I’ve gained. (But I know I will easily gain that ‘coz I “cardio” so much, I don’t lift and feed my muscles. Sadnu.)
  5. 12814323_1202110673154595_6459841461541383522_n.jpg
    Arena lightly-tinted competition goggles on me. Waiting for the wave start. (c) Coach Nur

    Invest in quality goggles. For pool swimming, a pair of clear goggles is best! I took my tinted goggles off on the last swim lap during Ateneo Aquathlon as I couldn’t see anything in the chlorine-filled, dirty pool. Hassle! My gut says “Just feel it, girl. Swim side-by-side with the buoys!”

  6. Train with a coach and really LISTEN. Need I say more? Check out SwimNur!
  7. Stop stalking your competitors! Gaaah. I’ve always been this researchy-type of person. Whenever the race list is up, I google people who’ll be joining. Creepynu. So please, help yourself…Don’t give yourself more pressure. FOCUS ON THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF. The only standard to which you should be banging your records with is your own.
  8. Give your 100%. In a multi-sport event, you cannot always say “Babawi ako sa swim o sa run. So I’m saving up my arms/legs.” My coach says, give it your all. After all, you are already here- so why choose a part where to battle hard? Fight for the whole thing! No time for selective excellence.


Few snaps:

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
First few laps on the track. Pacing with PH Triathlon National team, Ms. Deldio. She won 1st in our age group. Gaaad, idol! ❤

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Yii! I am done! Volunteer in pink says, “Come to papi!”

Post-race with Coach Nur (middle) and my training bud & strong swimmer, Nikki (right)

2016-03-13 01.37.52 1.jpg
Refreshing Del Monte Pineapple-Orange post-race drink. This was just perfect as the heat’s killin’ me from dehydration. I forgot to drink during transition and while running because…panic!

My family was there! Full support! My ate was shouting “5k lang yan, bilisan mo na!” inside the track. While my brother, taking photos and videos.

A better running form here. Inconsistent! Wa.
Me- Nikki and Coach Rhea #TeamGuttom #TeamSwimNur

Sometimes we win, but we always learn.

Charge everything to experience. After all, there’s a great pleasure in being called a newbie as all the big and the brights started zero and naive. Let’s trust in His timing.

P.S. So park muna ang Triathlon dreams ’til I get a bike ready for competition. For now, swimming! Yiiii!!!


Stronger after each and every heartbreak,